(because my HMO is fairly useless)


Hi, and thanks for checking out this site.

This is no joke, no scam.  It's an attempt by a regular person to be better diagnosed. I look forward to interacting with some smart med students or doctors, or really anyone who is well-grounded in medicine and is logical. 

If you are able to think of something which leads to a better diagnosis, you will improve my life, and I will be happy to reward you with a bit of US$$.  I'm not wealthy so it will probably be $1000 or less.  But I have also been a very effective environmental advocate on the international level, and helping me regain some health may allow me to do a lot more for the planet.

I'm not a doctor; but I'm also not a dunce. I have done original research in various fields which has made the big-name scientific journals from time to time, and have been the medical caregiver for other family members. In general, my medical knowledge is about that of an average nurse, although that's a bit of an apples-and-oranges comparison.

And I have a pattern of progressively worsening medical problems which may or may not have been properly diagnosed over the last 3 decades as it has progressed.

I'm a person who falls under the care of an HMO ("health maintenance organization") in the USA.  I'm not crusading against HMO's and I'm sure they do a lot of good for many people, but mine has not worked well for me.  It has stonewalled logical testing and caused more problems than it has solved.

This little website is an honest effort to go beyond the 20-minute appointments allowed by my HMO with doctors who are under pressure to either find a diagnosis quickly or put the patient on tranquilizers or antidepressants and move 'em out of the office.  It may well be that some of the HMO doctors I have seen are very bright people. However, if they have no time to actually read anything, and their salaries are held hostage to cost-cutting, they become effectively incompetent beyond the boilerplate diagnoses which work 95% of the time.

Due to the personal nature of the medical information here, I will do my best to remain anonymous and I ask that this be respected.  That means that the only guarantee that I'll actually pay a reward is the honesty of a person you've never met. But I can afford the rewards I'm promising, and as you may well imagine, it would be well-worth it to me.  Originally I thought of doing it without rewards, but I understand that it might be a help to some people. In addition to any rewards, I will be personally indebted to anyone who is able to help advance my understanding.

My hope is that it will provided an interesting logical challenge to medical students or others who may have the time or curiousity to help. I will respond to questions via email on a timely basis, so it can be interactive.  It will be interesting to see whether an approach like this can connect people in the world who would not otherwise be able to interact. I'm delighted to be in touch with doctors or people outside the USA where I live.

Feel free to forward this website to med students, doctors, or others you may know.

I will personally research anything communicated to me here, and get testing done as I can afford it, and always under the direction of doctors.  So those who write to me will NOT be practicing medicine in the USA without a license or anything. Rather, they will be suggesting possible diagnoses and logical processes which I and doctors here may follow up on. All that is being sought here are logical clues for me and my doctors to work with; tests which might be done; a logical rationale which is better in explanatory and predictive value than the one now being used.

Pardon the brief structure of this website; the deal I have on this website limits me to a total of 4 pages, so each will have quite a bit of information on it, which will be continually updated as new information becomes available.

I should note that while I appreciate the good intentions of those suggesting that my chi is unbalanced, or that I need accupuncture or reiki or better sex or colon irrigation or more crystals; that I should meditate on accepting the ultimate futility of life and live in the Now or get to better know a supernatural deity; I'll note that I'm looking for a standard medical diagnosis.  I'll pursue meditation, better sex, yoga, and a healthier 'aura' in my own ways, thanks.

So what are the "rewards"?  Well, for now, I'll offer US$1000 for information which leads to a specific new alternate diagnosis which is subsequently confirmed and becomes the new basis for my treatment plan. I reserve the right to give more than that if I'm overwhelmed by how much better it makes me feel, but $1000 is the only promise.  I will also give lesser amounts for lesser amounts of progress, such as suggesting something which helps clarify a research direction I'm already working on.  These amounts will be at my sole discretion based on a fair assessment of how helpful they are likely to be.  In the event of some situation like three people making the same suggestion, or indeed any other situation, the amount of reward to anyone will likewise be at my sole discretion. There is no guarantee of payment for any information you provide to me through this offer and website. It is based on the good-faith efforts of strangers, which I happen to believe in..

Contact me at info@diagnose-me.org to be in direct touch.  I can forward a PDF of the most updated version of this stuff, can answer questions and make clarifications, can send you pix or video files, or anything else you might find useful.

Note: for quicker reply during the month of May, might try emailing me first at indy@diagnose-me.org which I'll be able to check more often.

No other arrangement than that described here is implied. This does not constitute engaging anyone in particular for services, other than whatever good-faith communication may be undertaken for entertainment and help value by the owner of the website and those who contact him.